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Whether supporting neurodiverse artists; fighting for accessibility; amplifying artists from marginalised backgrounds; or supporting emerging artists of all ages, our wonderful Trustees choose what they are most passionate about to focus on.

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Creatives Unlimited was the first incarnation of our mentorship programme. We thought the name was rather catchy – but found it in need of some adjustment! Still, the best lessons for the future can be learned from the past, and we’re very proud of what Creatives Unlimited accomplished.

We began with the intention of ensuring the sustainability and resilience of Dumfries and Galloway’s cultural and creative communities. After consulting with our colleagues and friends, we embarked on a region-wide programme of support, training, mentorship, and guidance. We travelled throughout Scotland to see how arts organisations do what they do on a national, and even international scale.

We supported our Creatives in the development of robust professional networks. There’s a lot of accompanying creative jargon that makes this sound really enticing to official circles – but suffice to say, we made some brilliant friends during the project, and some even better leaders. Three of our trustees are Creatives Unlimited alumni, one has gone on to assume a role on the DG Unlimited team, and one is now leading a book festival in Dubai!