Artful Migration

Artful Migration Nightjar Project, Lochar Moss, Near Dumfries, 21/09/2023: Nightjar Residency photographers fine art landscape photographers Ted Leeming and Morag Paterson, getting set for a nightwatch for the elusive nightjar at Lochar Moss peat bog. They use a series of sound recorders – a larger one and smaller one stacked on top (right), and a mobile phone sound recorder (left). Photography for Upland CIC from: Colin Hattersley Photography – – (+44) 7974 957 388 –

Artful Migration is a residency programme offering creative practitioners a unique experience to observe, record, and reflect upon one of Dumfries and Galloway’s most celebrated natural wonders: her birds. Artists worked in partnership with local nature reserves, and were invited to develop new, high quality works for public display. Artful Migration is being developed by our friends at Dumfries and Galloway based arts organisation Upland, in partnership with Moving Souls Dance.

Following on from two prior residencies, the 2023 Artist in Residence programme was awarded to Leeming + Paterson, two experienced collaborators whose work engages with climate breakdown, land use, and ecology.

This year, the residency focused on one of Scotland’s rarest and most unusual birds, the Nightjar. These birds maintain an almost supernatural reputation, thanks to the mythical belief that they would steal a goat’s milk. It’s theorised that stories began to circulate when Nightjars could be spotted around livestock – feeding on insects, rather than milk! Where Nightjars have become more and more elusive, Dumfries and Galloway boasts the majority of the nesting population throughout the UK.

To read more about Leeming + Paterson’s field research, findings, and final exhibition, enjoy the full article Artful Migration from our Winter 2023 edition of Focus Magazine.